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The providers have a few variations of live blackjack in their repertoire. We choose for you the best in Canada! Due to the extra effort that a live stream of a real table requires.

In principle, the variants of the games are relatively similar. However, there are sometimes small rule variations or slightly different gameplay. For example, we could discover the following variants in our live blackjack experiences:

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Classic Live Blackjack: The classic variant is logically the most well-known form and is available in most casinos where you can play online. The game takes place at a semi-circular table and is played with a French hand of 52 cards. The goal is to have more points than the dealer with two or more cards, but not more than 21. Aces count for one or eleven points, the pictures for ten and the other cards according to their number of points. Several players can play at the same time at one table against one dealer.

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Blackjack party: This variant provides a little more atmosphere at the tables. Unlike the traditional game with a live dealer, Blackjack Party is played with two or more dealers. The dynamic communication guarantees a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. However, you are still competing against only one dealer.

Pre-Decision Blackjack: If you want to play as many hands as possible in a given time, Pre-Decision Blackjack is a good choice. Since players don’t have to wait for their turn, the rounds go faster. Each player can make their decision when it is the first player’s turn.

VIP Blackjack: VIP Blackjack provides a little more class. Usually, access is reserved only for players with VIP status at the online casino or players with large capital. The limits are higher, and professional VIP dealers run the games – but basically, the “normal dealers” are also professionals. The ambience at the VIP tables is also a bit more classy.

Atlantic City Blackjack: It’s the game from Microgaming. Compared to the classic variant, Atlantic City is played with slightly different rules. The biggest difference: after a player has received his first two cards, he can fold early. During the game, it is also possible to split the hand three times. A pair of aces is always counted as twelve. This variant is played not only in live casinos but also in Atlantic City.

The list does not claim completeness because many variations of the card game have emerged over time. Only trendy and fresh games you can find in Ebufferflies casino, so let’s go!

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